UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz – Live at Great Bear Pub in Burnaby!


The upcoming UFC 158 on Saturday, March 16 is looking to be a massive, super-sized lineup with 13 great fights already confirmed. The matchup that everyone is talking about is George St. Pierre vs rival Nick Diaz, but there are plenty more events on the card.

“St. Pierre vs. Diaz” will feature unfinished business between reigning welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and division bad boy Nick Diaz, who’s been in a bit of heat lately after not showing up for several media events and almost being pulled from the card by UFC president Dana White.

Also on the card are Condit vs Hendricks, Ellenberger vs Marquardt, Camozzi vs Ring and Fletcher vs Ricci.

It all starts live at 7pm and we’re showing it all at Great Bear Pub in Burnaby. See you on March 16!


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