Pinto Green

Pinto Green ~ live @ 10pm on September 21


Strange things happen when no one’s looking. Two strange strangers moved to the Cranbrook college dorms on the same day. One from Golden by way of Northern Alberta, one from Toronto by way of Vancouver Island. Within a few weeks, they were on their way applying their years of various musical experiences into an unexpected and spontaneous creative explosion, purchased a fully functional 1979 Pinto Squire Wagon with wood panelling and moved into an apartment next to a Kootenay Kid stranger who just happened to be their perfect lead guitarist. One year, three drummers, a bunch of gigs, dozens of songs, countless thousands of Pinto miles, several music nights hosted around the East Kootenay and one full length album later… as Carl Weathers put it on Arrested Development: “you’ve got a stew goin.” ..


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