Kellen Saip live



For me, music was in my veins before I was released into this upside down and sideways world. My mother, Connie Scott, was well along her musical journey when I made my journey from being a sparkle in the old man’s eye to a living, breathing poop machine..Nothing has really changed to this day except my growing love for music and the way it makes me feel (Cue Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”) Through writing and playing I’ve been ale to take my deepest, darkest heartaches, my love gained and love lost, and my faith in myself and others and make it all beautiful. This music has been my release, my vice, my crutch, my best friend and my worst enemy. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My hope is for anyone listening to be able to grasp something from my music: feel safe, feel loved, or even feel lost and know you’re not alone. Cheers, ladies and gentlemen.

-Kellen Saip

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